Sunday, July 23, 2006

Let's get this party started

Feel free to post links, resources, and requests for info on any of the following:

What would each member like this online community to accomplish (given the focus on "Traditional music, song and dance; arts, culture, and social issues [and] making it work [as a progressive] on the Llano Estacado")?

Add to comments, below this message. Feel free to chip in!



Blogger Mistykalia said...

This area has an extremely rich local music scene, in terms of many different traditions. However, much of this remains accessible only to those “in the know.” I’ve been approached by several people in my workplace who’ve become increasingly discouraged by how hard it can be to find the “gems” in the scene in town - or even to “know” that there IS a scene! I have several theories on this - including a lack on many people’s part to communicate face to face in a world which depends increasingly on sources which are distanced from real people (TV, the internet &c.). Also, in talking to people, it seems there’s (real or imagined) a barrier between the “community” and the “university.“ The university is a wonderful community of it’s own, with many fantastic resources and programs to offer. However, it still reaches a limited number of people. So, in my mind, what we need is to get people talking to each other within the wider community.
A potential starting point which I feel would address the above, and perhaps make a few waves, would be to become a bigger presence in the public schools.
I’m not sure if this is something other people would share my interest in, but I have several ideas percolating on how to make this happen, if anyone is interested.

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