Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Please pass the word...

This blog allows "commenting" by anyone with a blogspot.com ID (free and easy to sign up for), but it is also set up to allow multiple "team members" to initiate posts. Let me encourage anyone who wants to be an accurate participant to request "team member" status, as ideas in "comments" can sometimes get lost. If you would like "team member" status, just drop me a note, giving me your email address, at chris @ coyotebanjo dot com, and I'll send you out an invitation.

Please pass along this info to other friends too.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Getting the ball rolling...

We can start by volunteering info on these useful pointers from Democracy for America. The first key to grassroots organizing is to make sure that everybody is housed, fed, and having some fun!
  • How to find an apartment;
  • Basic information about transportation;
  • Good places to shop and get food (be sure to highlight local liberalbusinesses, including independent bookstores and coffeeshops, co-op grocerystores, etc.);
  • Information about the local religious scene, especially including liberalchurches and spiritual organizations which are welcoming and inclusive;
  • Information about the local liberal scene, including pointers to your local Drinking Liberally and DFA groups (FYI: there is a local chapter of the former, at http://lubbock.drinkingliberally.org, which formerly met at Cricket's on Tuesdays; don't know if they're still active--anyone?);
  • Local websites, blogs, newspapers, TV or radio stations that newcomers mayfind helpful or simply entertaining - including, of course, any such mediawhich has a liberal slant;
  • Information about how to register to vote, and how to get involved in thelocal Democratic party

Let's get this party started

Feel free to post links, resources, and requests for info on any of the following:

What would each member like this online community to accomplish (given the focus on "Traditional music, song and dance; arts, culture, and social issues [and] making it work [as a progressive] on the Llano Estacado")?

Add to comments, below this message. Feel free to chip in!